Sheridan College ECE students call for #ProfessionalPay

Recently a group of ECE students at Sheridan College had to complete an advocacy project. They were asked: what is advocacy, how can you do it and what impact does it have? They were eager to find out more about the AECEO's campaign for #professionalPay and #DecentWork and once they did, they knew that something needed to be done - as they put it - this was something that was about to greatly affect them and their peers and they were sitting in a gold mine of signatures waiting to happen with over 1000 students enrolled in the ECE program that will all be personally affected by this campaign. 

It did not take long for the students to go above and beyond the requirements of the assignment and they set a goal to reach as many ECE students as they could in the time they had left at the college.  They began by sharing the link to sign the petition to fellow students.  Soon they realized that they wanted to do more and they began going class to class to speak to students and let them know what the petition was about and the long term impact that professional pay and decent work would have on the sector.  Sheridan faculty were beyond supportive of their advocacy initiative and encouraged it the students in their work.  The students presented in 27 different ECE classes throughout and increased the signature count by over 400 in that week. The students set up an information booth at Sheridan's Trafalgar Campus and collected another 200 signatures in just 1 hour! 

This awesomely dedicated group of ECE student advocates at Sheridan College helped the AECEO's #ProfessionalPay petition reach it's 5000 signature mark.  WAY TO GO ECEs!! 

These soon to graduate ECE's are ready to be a part of the collective voice!!!! 


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