Sheridan College Students continue their advocacy campaign for Professional Pay & Decent Work


After recently learning about the AECEO's Professional Pay and Decent Work campaign, Sheridan ECE students have taken an active role in their community to support and promote the importance of Professional Pay & Decent Work for the Early Childhood Workforce.

The students have participated in fairs on campus, presented to other ECE classes, and have created a social media presence including with their Facebook page SheridanECEAdvocates.  

This dynamic group of ECE students were instrumental in assisting the AECEO in gathering signatures on our petition for Professional Pay.

17103491_1231379973647824_4881304087435669160_n.jpgWe are extremely proud of these students and hope that other colleges will initiate an advocacy plan to strengthen our collective voice of ECEs in Ontario.  

If you or your class would like to get involved with the AECEO's Professional Pay & Decent Work campaign, contact us at


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