Starting Your First Job? How to Stay Organized and Sane

Like many other young professionals, I have a jam-packed schedule. A typical week for me consists of working at my 9-to-5 job, volunteering at two nonprofits, happy hours and hikes with friends, networking at professional events, getting in some “me” time, and even doing some contract work.


And I love this pace, but when I first made the transition from college to working world, I found that balancing a new job, a personal life, and a new city—and staying happy doing it—was a pretty big challenge. Sure, I did a lot in undergrad, too, but there’s something about adding a full-time job into the mix that requires a different approach to scheduling, planning, and organization.

If you’re feeling the same way, here are a few things I found immensely helpful in balancing my first few post-grad months.

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