This section of the student portal outlines the public policy context and supporting information for some of the key areas and programs of early childhood education and care (ECEC) in Ontario.

Policy plays a huge role in everything ECEs do; from the way the services and programs we work in are funded and delivered to the day-to-day operation in our various work settings. It is, therefore, critical that ECEs are aware of, understand and can influence the policies that impact their work and the children and a families they care for. Analyzing and explaining policy is a large part of what the AECEO does in order to advocate for ECEs and high quality programs.  

This section will also explore current advocacy campaigns, ideas around advocacy for ECEs specifically, and opportunities to get involved with advocacy. Advocacy is one way that we can learn about and engage with policy in our work. As professionals, we have the knowledge and tools to advocate for policies that support high quality programs and working conditions.