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Here are some tips to think about to help you succeed in your ECEC job search. Successful job hunts always begin with a quality resume. There are some very simple things that you can do to ensure your resume makes it to top of the “interview pile”. Before sending in a resume ensure that your key credentials are organized and updated. Is your criminal reference check up to date? Do you have a valid CPR credential (they do expire!)? Make sure you are currently registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators and do not forget to put your membership with organizations such as the AECEO and OCBCC on your resume. Candidates that have a status with professional associations are seen as dedicated to the field. If a job posting asks for a specific requirement make sure you meet those requirements. For example, if a job posting asks for a cover letter, you must send in a cover letter or your resume will be overlooked. If the job posting is seeking specific qualifications that you obtain, make sure that you have that included on your resume.

One of the simplest things you can do to ensure your resume does not get thrown out is to proof-read it. Grammatical errors on a resume will not reflect professionalism. Always have someone else proof-read your resume to catch any errors.

For help answering one of the toughest interview questions check out this article from The Daily Muse


There are a number of websites dedicated to finding and posting career opportunities. Although a lot of these websites can be a great place to start your search they can also be overwhelming and difficult to navigate.  To help you with your search the AECEO has developed an Employment for ECEs section on our members website, click here to start your search


A professional portfolio is a fantastic way to archive your work and skills. It can also be a valuable resource to showcase your experience to others. Your portfolio will be a tangible representation of the type of practitioner you are and of the career you have lead thus far. In many cases, you may have already started a portfolio as part of your ECE training. For an informative guide on how to best prepare your own professional portfolio please read the following article by the National Association for the Education of Young Childen (NAEYC).

The AECEO also offers the following webinars on how to prepare a professional portfolio.

Discovering Our Professional Identity: Professionalism and Portfolio Development

You have a taken an important step as an early childhood educator.  This course will help you learn, practise, and demonstrate your professionalism.

Cost: $49 for AECEO Members

Click here to Register

Professional E-Portfolio Development for Early Childhood Educators

This module can serve to support the continuous professional learning needs of registered early childhood educators. It was created in Ontario for the context of early childhood educators in Ontario; however, we welcome ECEs from other provinces to engage in this online learning module to enhance their professional knowledge.

The module should take 21 hours to complete and includes a discussion forum to encourage collaboration with others.

The AECEO's e-Portfolio Module may be used in conjunction with the AECEO's Certification Program available to members.  There will be opportunities for self-assessment throughout the module, including a multiple-choice final assessment.

Cost: $49 for AECEO Members

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