Early Childhood Education students sound the alarm about cripplingly low wages

Ryerson students say they are walking away from the profession because they'll never make a living wage.
By:  Metro Published on  Wed Dec 14 2016
Twenty-two-year-old Michelle Jones is young, highly qualified, and ready to work.

But she’s not optimistic she’ll ever be able to earn a living at what she spent years training to do.

“I think that I have a lot to bring to the field in working with children in the classroom, but I just can’t afford to go back,” said Jones, a master’s student in early childhood studies at Ryerson.

Armed with a college diploma, Jones spent the last two summers working for around minimum wage at a daycare as she finished her bachelor’s degree. Convinced she’d never make it on what the job paid, she’s now back in school with hopes of one day becoming a teacher.

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  • Sara Parsons
    commented 2017-02-09 16:41:34 -0500

    I think when we elect government that is trying but not getting it right it is our place to give concrete ideas for reform, VOTE…to co construct change in the Provincial budget as seen in this article, but also the federal govt. budget. When we expect an association like this one that does not lobby govt to enact change effectively, it CANNOT because it cannot be political!.. I say find a better association to join…in my classes I hear the standard victim blaming excuses why this particular assoc. being in existence hasn’t been able to raise an ECE wage over the poverty line! is not the fault of my gender! it is an association 66 years yrs young that is ineffective in their lobbying practice to put into form a real concrete plan for change!-put forward a plan, a working idea that we as students can sink our teeth into, understand and take action towards…the same old sentiments have been said for tooooooo long. Make a plan that when put forward to govt they cannot resist because it makes sense!…this poor me response to poverty line wages is old news..I have been working with children for all the right reasons and I will stay working there I am not a politician, an economist, an expert in putting forward a concrete document for change…but I am tired of of another assoc asking for fees that “raises awareness$”’…I will only join when I see really good reasons like strength, power, ingenuity, innovativation, might and future plans that make action happen in place in Ontario.