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    My Experience at the AECEO

    My placement at the AECEO has given me a taste of the real world.  Each week I come into the office and I decide how my day will play out.  I plan my day based on specific goals I’ve set to achieve in my placement and administrative work to support the organization.  In addition to working on my administrative duties, I attend meetings across the city with my field educator and other members of the AECEO.  Each meeting I have attended has opened my eyes and my mind to the various powerful roles that exist in the early years sector and the field of early childhood education.  I have had numerous opportunities to attend meetings as a learner and observer as well as a contributor to the important discussions that take place; I have had the opportunity to join the collective voice for ECEs across the province.

    On September 28th, I had the opportunity to attend the OCBCC (Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care) “Big Tent Meeting” with members across Ontario.  There were approximately 30 professionals present at the meeting, ranging from early childhood educators to researchers to retired professionals who continue to advocate for early childhood educators and child care workers across the country.  At first, it was quite overwhelming to be in a room with such an inspiring group of individuals and I was not quite sure how I fit in.  The first half hour I found it a little challenging to follow along with the discussion as the vocabulary was quite advanced.  However, as the meeting progressed, I found myself becoming increasingly connected to the topics and I felt a surge of passion for the field of early childhood education. I was able to see the struggles that all these professionals were fighting to overcome, such as devalued work, low wages, and a lack of stability in the workplace due to a lack of government funding. 


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    AECEO is great resource to be come a better educator in order to work with children and families we have to shouw our support to children and families.
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    Join the AECEO student portal!
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