studentPortal_1.pngThe AECEO student portal was designed to meet the needs of ECE students and newly graduated ECEs. The portal provides specific information to support you as a student and provides knowledge and resources to assist you as you move into the field of early childhood education and care (ECEC) in Ontario.

The AECEO is the professional association for ECEs in Ontario and we are dedicated to supporting ECEs and advocating on their behalf.

The portal is an engaging platform where students can find out more about the ECEC sector, the role and value of ECEs, find information about placements, internships and keep abreast of all ECEC related news.

We offer an affordably priced student membership which grants you special privileges such as access to the members only areas of our websites, e-bulletins, discounted workshops and our quarterly magazine, the ECELink. Joining the AECEO is an investment into your career as an ECE!


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    Reflections From Student Field Placements

    Self Reflection is good practice for all educators, and today we're glad to share the reflections of six different final semester ECE students. Hajra, Nikita, Shilpam, Raihana, Sangeeta and Maninder are all from Sheridan College; they had this to say about lessons they had learned from Field Placements,
    "The topic we wanted to talk to you about is our personal experiences in our field placements throughout the years, what we have learned and how we have in-turn become better ECE’s!" 

    We are thrilled to share these questions, reflections, and stories.

    On Mentorship - Nikita
    “It is so important to have a good mentor as my first placement mentor was very supportive. She taught me how to be a better ECE. She supported me and guided me throughout my placement. She gave me really helpful advice such as how to solve problems with children, how to assist them, guide them and be there for them. It is so important as ECE’s to have mentors or someone who can help guide and support us to be better ECE’s. Professors in this field can be mentors as well. My very first placement was at a PLASP child care centre and my mentor was so helpful and supportive. Since that was my first placement, my experiences and what I learned really had an impact on me as an ECE and it is something that will stick with me forever.”

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    AECEO is great resource to be come a better educator in order to work with children and families we have to shouw our support to children and families.
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